Invest in your greatest asset

60 is the new 40! Better than that, today you are in the TIME FOR YOU stage of life. Making some small changes to the way you live now can significantly improve your quality of life today and well into your future.


Wife and Husband team, Lyndal and Matt started after struggling to help their own parents remain active as they aged.  It is very simple, use it or lose it!  That applies to both your mind and your body at any stage of life.

Matt has spent the last decade in the online fitness and nutrition world.  He has created programs that have helped over 500k Australians.  However, he was frustrated that a group of people who would benefit most from such programs were massively under-served – the over 60s.  As an example and a very personal problem, even though he was inside the industry he just couldn’t get his mum or dad involved.  They were “silver-surfers” with iPads and technically savvy, but the fitness and nutrition content they could find online, typically featuring body-beautiful young people, just didn’t resonate with them.

Lyndal, a former recruitment consultant, was having a similar issue with her mum.  Lyndal’s mum knew that she should move more and be active, but just didn’t know where to start or what best to do.  She didn’t want to ask professionals for help or “be a bother” in any way.

As a result Lyndal and Matt’s parents were becoming more and more sedentary.  And in talking with friends, this seemed to be a common experience.

This was compounded further when the Covid-19 global pandemic hit.  Forced to isolate as the group most at risk from the disease, their options for remaining active reduced even further.  Coupled with a desire to now do everything they could to remain healthy and avoid aged care.

Lyndal and Matt decided it was time to change the game.  Matt would use his knowledge of the space to create a program just for people over 60.  Lyndal would use her skills to build a small team of recognised experts to help this audience to become and remain healthy and active and really get the most out of their lives.

Together, they started by running a series of focus groups.  At first with their own family and friends and then with a closed Facebook community they put together.  What was astonishing was that the majority of participants not only felt good, but they were also positive about life, had energy and wanted to stay that way.  Yes, many had an ailment or an issue, but it did not yet define them.  As many of them said… 60 really is the new 40!

However, when the focus groups looked at the media (TV, magazines, digital etc etc) aimed at them, it was aliment-focused.  Bad back, knees, hips etc.  Grey haired, hunched over, in pain.  This just is not how our audience feel.  They feel good and they want help to stay feeling good with motivation and inspiration to remain active in mind and body. was born.

Our aim today is to find and develop the best products and programs for people over 60. No corners cut.


Managing Director
Lyndal is a former management consultant who since becoming a mother has built a successful film and TV production company, oXo Collective. Her unique combination of skills in both building teams and producing rich visual content has kick-started Fitatsixty. She has sourced energetic trainers, experienced recovery and motivational leaders, plus gifted cooks and nutritionists to give our audience fun and uplifting content to engage with.



Matt is a writer and former journalist who has spent the last decade in the online fitness and nutrition world.  His drive is to create and deliver programs that help people.  He has been a part of helping hundreds of thousands of Australians live a better life and today is focused on an often-neglected audience, the over 60s.

Matt is also the facilitator of the Fitatsixty focus groups and drives the learning in what our audience, think, feel and need.  If you have any questions, feedback or otherwise, email him on